Delta Skating Club will be offering PowerSkate, CanSkate (Stage 2* and above), Junior Development (Rising Stars), StarSkate and Synchronized Skating this September.

*See below for requirement for CanSkate Stage 2.  Currently Skate Canada will not permit us to offer PreCanSkate or CanSkate Stage 1 at this time.

We are currently waiting to confirm with the city our schedule and hope to have registration open soon.

Guidelines for these classes will be on our website soon.

Requirements for CanSkate Stage 2:

  • Skater must have passed CanSkate Stage 1

OR skater will be assessed and required to:

  • Rise from the ice to a balanced upright position on 2 feet unassisted
  • Forward skating with consecutive push/guide sequence while maintaining an upright posture
  • Forward skating around perimeter of ice using both feet equally – minimum 1 full lap of ice