May 2015

By , May 30, 2015 6:07 am

Skate Canada Program Assistant Award – Daphne Brett

Canskate Champions – Lily Norris & Kaylee Rogers

Canskater of the Year – Sam Pravica

Junior Development Skater of the Year – Wonji Kim

Star 1 Skater of the Year – Julia Hirata

Star 2-3 Skater of the Year (Junior) – Kerrianne Kozack

Star 4 or higher Skater of the Year (Senior) – Sara Morrow

Powerskater of the Year – Spencer Ferguson

Dedicated Skater – Kerrianne Kozack

Most Improved Junior Development Skater – Kade Gotzke

Most Improved Star 1 Skater – Jasmine Mao

Most Improved Junior Skater – Emma Karwandy

Most Improved Senior Skater – Daphne Brett

Fearless Skater Award – Kierra Manley

Musicality Award – Lauren Frasca

Personality on Ice – Emma Norris

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