Off-Ice Program

By , October 26, 2011 10:45 pm

Off Ice classes are part of the Junior Development, Star 1-3 and Star 4+ programs.

Off-ice classes are taught by our club coaches and focuses on developing well-rounded skaters.  Attention is given to precise technique for off -ice jumps, flexibility, balance, and strength all of which are applied directly on the ice.

Junior Development Off Ice – The goal of JD off-ice is to introduce skaters to the technique of performing rotating jumps focusing on the basics like quarter, half, and full rotation jumps.  Attention to detail is crucial at this stage since later classes work towards increasing rotations.  The basics of stretching and flexibility are also included in order to increase flexibility for spiral and spins.

Star Program Off-Ice – The goal of Star Program off-ice is to improve on already learned techniques of rotating jumps such as double and potentially, triple rotations.  Working on jump elements such as axels are also included in order to better technique and improve on aspects such as height and faster rotation.  Flexibility includes not only the ability to perform a beautiful spiral, but also to have the strength and balance to maintain a beautiful spiral and achieve incredible spins.

All Skaters participating in Off-ice classes are required to:

1.  have all loose hair tied up (ponytail, pig-tails, etc)

2. wear appropriate shoes such as runners (ie. no street shoes, flats, boots, etc)

3.bring a water bottle (no sugary drinks unless for dietary needs)

4. have a great attitude!



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