StarSkate Program

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StarSkate Program

Star program offers opportunities for skaters who have passed Canskate Stage 6 to further develop figure skating skills.  The program involves freeskate, group enrichment and dance/skills sessions and dryland training, to complement their on-ice development.  Skaters are recommended to skate  2 0r 3 times/week. Freeskate involves private or semi-private lessons with a  coach of the skaters choice.   Delta Skating Club has divided the Star program into two levels:  Star 1-3 and Star 4+.

Program Options

There are many options that a skater can take that should be discussed with their coach. One can take Skate Canada Tests to develop their skills in conjunction with entering Starskate competitions or the athlete can choose to move into the Skate Canada Competitive Skate program.

How to decide between private, semi-private or small group (max 3) lessons?

While some feel that private lessons offer the most opportunity for direct 1 on 1 learning and the possibility of quicker advancement, your child’s learning style should be taken into consideration.  Some skaters are able to focus and learn more effectively in a private lesson format while others may find it intimidating.  Please discuss with the coach what style of learning would be best for your child.

How long are private, semi-private or small group lessons?

A minimum of 15 minutes.  Depending on your coach’s availability there may be opportunity for 20 or 30 minute lessons.  Please discuss with your coach.

How are the semi-private or small groups determined?

If you decide to do semi-private or small group lessons please understand that it’s up to the coach’s discretion as to which skaters to pair or group together based on how many other skaters they have during the session and the skill level of those skaters.

How is my child assessed in Starskate program?

Your child’s coach will be responsible for assessing when ready and will assess to a nation-wide Skate Canada standard.  Star 1 includes 3 assessments while Star 2 includes 5.  As your skater masters the skills at each level they will be assessed by their coach on a regular session.  There are 23 assessments in the Star 1-5 programs.  All assessments have a Skate Canada fee of $12 which must be paid prior to the assessment.

(Refer to Skate Canada for further information –

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